LifePointe’s Vision

The vision of Lifepointe Church, a CMA-affiliated church with non-denominational roots in Louisville, is to help people discover Jesus and go be Jesus. We help people discover the Bible’s message of hope, purpose, and peace found in a personal connection to Jesus Christ.

After questioning, investigating, believing, and receiving the message of Jesus, Lifepointe wants to help people go be Jesus to others in their everyday lives. Jesus loved people where they were and looked for opportunities to show God’s love by meeting the needs of those He could.

To discover Jesus means to investigate the claims of Christ in the Bible. It means to ask the questions you need to ask. God’s greatest desire is that we believe and receive Christ’s love for us personally.

After becoming a follower of Jesus Christ, God challenges us through the Bible to make a difference and grow personally. This is being Jesus. We believe there are faith essentials that help us mature spiritually.


We’re happy to answer any questions you have about LifePointe Church in Louisville!